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World Headquarters, Dallas, Texas

If you have been considering a real estate career, or if you are already in real estate and considering
  changing to an exciting, successful, diverse international organization, here's what we can offer you:

  The opportunity to earn one of the highest commission splits offered in the market.
  A broker available 24/7, backed by a board with over 300 years of business experience.
  The opportunity to own and manage your own office.and recruit associates for your office.
  Educational discounts to get your license or for continuing educational requirements.
  The opportunity to expand into residential, commercial, farm & ranch, and land sales.
  Opportunities to participate in property management, relocation, and business brokerage.
  Distinctive marketing programs to help you generate valid buyer representation leads.
  And much much more...

All within a highly professional, prestigious organization .

If you have an interest, please Email: Careers@TaylorRealtyAssociates.com