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World Headquarters, Dallas, Texas
  Our organization is divisionalized into several
  operating entities in order to better serve the
  needs of our clients and customers. Among
our divisions you will find specialists in areas
such as residential, commercial, farm and ranch,
  land sales, development, land planning, property
  management, construction, business brokerage,
  personal and corporate relocation, temporary
  housing, international (global) operations, and
  others. Please scroll down to learn about our
  divisions and our Board of Directors.
  We are proud to present our Board of Directors and Divisions:

Nanci is also the owner of Legends Real Estate School

(Tina is also our Corporate Director of Public Relations)

Serving Belize, Guatamala, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua


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World Headquarters, Dallas TX  1-800-518-3819